Energy Performance Contracting

Hyvac, Inc. has endeavored in the renewable energy market, providing combined solar cooling, heating and hot water systems, waste-heat power generation and geo-thermal advantages for new and existing facilities. This state-of-the-art technology coupled with performance contracting provides our clients with the necessary tools for a complete turn-key project.


The benefits of a performance contract for a business include:

Turn-Key Services

  • Provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed generation measures
  • Reduces risk – the contractor takes on the risk of not achieving savings
  • The business or institution needs less internal expertise
  • Project financing can be ‘off balance sheet’ and not affect debt load
  • State-of-the-art products and services are used
  • Savings are normally much higher than if the customer carries the work itself

Customer Benefits

  • Use future energy and operational savings
  • Upgrade facilities with front-end capital cost
  • Cut operating costs; more effective
  • Capture a positive cash flow
  • Use money now paying for waste energy
  • Get guaranteed performance–results
  • Shed risks

Solar Energy Solutions — What’s In It For You

Four reasons why our solar energy solutions add up to BIG savings for you, your customers and the planet!

#1 Affordability

  • With incentives like these, how can you afford not to?
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Government tax credits
  • Grants, rebates
  • Low-cost loans, sales tax exemptions
  • No capital outlay

#2 Feasibility

  • Adding alternative energy capabilities like solar is easier than you think.
  • Little, if any, disruption in service
  • Auxiliary equipment fits into existing structures
  • Strategic panel placement ensures optimal heat, minimal visual impact
  • Earns LEED credits

#3 Reliability

  • The sun goes down, but your power doesn’t.
  • Performs 24/7
  • Uses waste heat to drive other processes
  • Controls humidity and kills airborne pathogens
  • Introduces power directly to power grid
  • Heats and stores water to supplement daily demands

#4 Responsibility

  • Displacing portions of purchased energy with solar power results in gains on the ecological front.
  • Conserves resources
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Enhances corporate image