Design/Build Assist

The Design/Build approach is a method of delivery where engineering design and construction are combined into one solicitation and a firm or team of firms work together to deliver the project. Hyvac, Inc. has successively completed several Design/Build projects both in the private and public sector. One of our main strengths is the ability to effectively implement and schedule critical projects by integrating construction activities that can proceed concurrently with the design phase, thus accelerating project delivery as well as minimizing the project risks for the owner.

Benefits of using the Design/Build method:

Enhances communication and coordination within the Design/Build Team
This process takes full advantage of open communication among players traditionally separated by layers of contracts and organizational structure.
The owner has greater access to the “team” working on project development as the project is being developed.

Early involvement by construction experts

Allows the entire construction team to be involved in the design process, which frequently results in more efficient designs consistent with “constructability.”

Increases accountability by the service provider

Provides an integrated solution for the owner or client and allows the owner to look to one entity with any questions or concerns

Single Source Project Delivery

Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through just one entity, the design-build firm.

Value-based Project Feedback

In a design-build context, the owner, the owner’s other consultants, and the design/builder can work together to determine what methods and materials will maximize the owner’s value.